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Big-Up Sour Mash is just what the name sounds like:

An eclectic soundscape of fun filled toothpaste, ranging from low-down grundgy riffs to high-kicking Ska and bebop pop/punk. All of the members of Big-Up Sour mash are born and raised around the Durham region Area. BUSM started in 2015 with Shawn Cormier, the lead guitarist and vocalist, writing songs about angsty teenage rebellion and, at times, profound social commentary. He played with various musicians on and off before finding drummer Mike Loyal by chance meeting, and the glue has not come unstuck since. The duo traded off bass players before finally landing on Shawn's brother Dustin to fill the spot. Dustin Cormier had found popular success teaching acoustic guitar on youtube (look him up as "Howtorockacampfire"). When they jammed Shawn's music for the first time, Dustin found a worthy force in their collaboration and decided to join the boys officially, adding heavy bass riffs and another goofy element to the songwriting mix.

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