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Although he’s been carried away into a successful career directing TV and feature documentaries, Josh Wong is also known to possess one fine voice.  

Having not recorded for some time, Wong was recently hanging out in the Canmore, AB restaurant “Where the Buffalo Roam” with high school friend, long time collaborator and bass player Reza Cassam. Josh and Reza fell into a conversation with the owner’s cousin Leo Martinez, a young Parisian, taking a year off to snowboard and work part time in the restaurant. Turns out Leo is also a prodigy on the drums. The moment he heard Leo play, Wong knew he was heading straight  back into the studio.  “Leo started to play and Reza and my jaws dropped, we really found something here”.
With another Canmore local, railway man Jimi Leach, offering  up thunderous, lead guitar, and working man blues, the line up was complete.  Surrounded by Wolves had arrived with the bands first three tracks; Drive, Crash and Garbage.


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