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04-Mar | Monday
12:00 - 12:59
90s At Noon

with LoriAnn

Chris Koster and his band-mates in The Glorious Sons are responsible for such rock anthems as “Sawed Off Shotgun” and “Everything Is Alright” .

The enigmatic guitarist can be found stage left at every single TGS show around the planet. Or maybe you know Chris as the downtown Kingston veteran multi-instrumentalist who has been dropping jaws at pubs since way before he was legally allowed inside. But when the world shut down and touring wasn’t an option, Chris took the time to develop his own project, his own sound, and his own voice.

Chris Koster ’s upcoming album, “CK Stays Up All Night Smiling,” is a moody amorphous medley of nocturnal queries and hopeful hymns. Written over several years, the songs represent multiple facets of what makes Chris, well, Chris. Whether it’s the declarative first single “Spaceman,” the haunting howl of “Constant Weekend,” or the voyeuristic discovery of the brilliant “Dayplanner,” this entire album comes off as part novel, part confession, and part promise.

Check out the debut radio single “Constant Weekend”!

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